Cost Of Tooth Implant

If you need dental implants, the price of dental implant will really depend on your individual situation, your oral health, and the type of implant you need to solve the issue.

Our teeth play an important role in our personal look, and having a set of perfect teeth can really make you look more dazzling. Apart from aesthetic reasons, having a healthy set of teeth is vital to sound oral health. It is important to be healthy in all forms, not only for appearance sake, but for your overall well being.

Medical studies have shown that poor oral health can contribute to many serious conditions or ailments such as heart problems, diabetes and respiratory diseases. It is always advisable to have regular dental checkups with your dentist. That way, you will be able to keep track of your oral health and catch any problems before they turn into serious health issues…unless a root canal is your idea of fun.

Fees Of Dental Implant – Implant Types

In case you have problems with missing a tooth or a set of teeth, most dentists or periodontists would advise getting dental implants. They are used to replace missing teeth and most implants are made of titanium. The fact that most implants are made of titanium accounts for the high Price of Dental implant. Before you go around asking about the price of tooth implantation, you need to know a few things about dental implants. There are 3 types of implants that available, they are:

Root Form Implant: This is the most common form of implant and it is a screw type which is shaped like the root of a tooth.

Plate Form Implant: This is used if your jawbone is too narrow for bone grafting.

Subperiosteal Implant: It is a custom made implant and is a more complicated type of tooth implant.

The price of dental implants would be based on the type of implant that is suitable for your case. Your dentist will explain to you which type of implant would best solve your problem and he might also explain the fees involved. At this point, it would be best if you ask your dentist or dental surgeon all the information you need regarding the implant. This would also be a great time to inquire on the price of dental implants and if the clinic offers financing or payment options. Do not be reluctant to ask your dentist anything, you need to be well informed first before you give the go signal for the procedure, so get all your questions answered first!

Average Charges regarding tooth Implantation: $2,000 per implant

Things To Keep In Mind


You need to keep in mind that the price of Dental implants, or any dental service for that matter, would also depend on the cosmetic dentist or dental surgeon. If the dentist is more experienced, or is well known in the area, he might charge a little more than other practitioners. So if you are on a tight budget, you can do a bit of research first and ask around if there are able dental practitioners who can offer an affordable price of dental implant or dental services.


Cost Of Tooth Implant

The area or state where you live also plays a great role in regards to the price of a dental implant. Some areas or state are a bit expensive when it comes to dental care. You may want to check out dental universities or schools that offer free or cheap dental services. You can get involved in any of their dental programs in which dentistry students will perform the procedure. No need to worry though since there are professionals or licensed dental practitioners who will supervise the program. In general, you can expect to pay a higher cost in highly populated areas like cities, and the price per tooth implantation will typically be lower in areas outside the city.


If you have an insurance policy, you can also consult your insurance coordinator if they will cover the price of dental implants. However, most insurance companies consider tooth implants as a cosmetic procedure so they do not usually cover such procedure. Still, you may want to ask them if there are any possible ways for you to save money or at least opt for a co-payment.


It is also a good idea to use your network of friends or acquaintances. They might know of a reputable cosmetic dentist who can perform the tooth implant in an affordable price. As mentioned, there are several dental clinics which offer payment or financing schemes so you may also want to inquire on that. Gather all the information necessary regarding the price of dental implant so you can compare prices and you would be better prepared financially. You can ask the dentist for estimates to see the complete breakdown of the fees. With the information you will gather, counter check it with the estimates from other clinics.

Internet Research

Aside from acquiring information from friends, you can also utilize the internet and look for dental clinics which give discounts for their dental procedures. It would be the best time for you to brush up on your internet search skills and you would be surprised to find that there are a lot of clinics that can help you. One good tip is to check out online forums that talk about tooth implants or the cost of getting one. Do not be too hasty in booking an appointment with the cosmetic dentist since you might still be able to find other clinics that offer better dental packages.

In summary, always keep an open mind and always ask your dentist questions. Make sure that you are able to get all the information you need to make a sound decision. Compare prices, and do a bit of research to make sure you get the treatment you need without paying too much when it comes to the cost regarding tooth implantation.


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