Dental Implants – A Complete Guide

Cost of Dental implants can fluctuate by a couple of thousand dollars from patient to patient. Starting from $ 2000 it can go right upto $ 4000/tooth implant. Most of the times, dental implant is a costly procedure since a dentist is not the only person who is involved in making an implant successful. Rather, a full team of professionals are engaged in the procedure, from beginning to end, and a combination of efforts is required to deliver a flashing smile….yes, this triggers pricey Cost of dental implants but the variations in prices occur due to other reasons. Costs of Dental implants, on the other hand, is supposed to remain static as once the implant supported crown is fixed, the procedure draws to an end, for good. It is an investment in oral health that improves the quality of your life forever. To put it in simpler terms, such procedures may provide short term results and in future, additional modus operandi may be required to restore, repair or bridge the resulting tooth defects triggered from the treatment, in 10-15 years of time.

Dental Implants variation reasons

Dental Implants Cost While the normal cost of dental implant can be anywhere between $2000 to $ 3000, any special effort or treatment, if needed, can incur additional expenses. For instance, bone regeneration, wide/narrow diameter implants and sinus elevation can fast escalate the fees to much higher limits and that can be as steep as $ 15,000 to $ 30,000 if the whole of upper/lower jaw is involved in the procedure.

An implant is performed in 2 simple steps actually –

  • In the first step, the implant is placed
  • After 3-6 months of healing period, the restoration procedure of the implant is carried out and that involves crown building on the head of the implant.

So what makes the cost of a dental implant different from patient to patient? There are many determinants actually –

Patient Condition

The physical condition of the patient, his jaw bone state, oral hygiene status and age, together contribute in determining if extra treatments are required or not. Such treatments, which may include procedures like bone grafting or sinus bracing, are additional treatment procedures and obviously involve extra costs. This, when considered in totality, raises the cost of dental implant for patients.

Implant type

Although this can be a contributing factor in elevating or reducing cost of dental implants, it is not a very major concern since most good dental implants maintain a standard pricing range.

Size and Placement of implants

A single implant can in fact cost a patient more than when it is performed for a bigger area, where more implants are required. The average cost can drastically come down in such instances. Also, the placement zone of the implant affects the costs of dental implants. An implant that is to be fitted in an “aesthetic zone” can cost more than the ordinary.

Chair time

Needless to say, the more chair-time needed for implants, the more the cost. Complex cases would obviously claim more “chair-time” and you would be supposed to pay a bigger price for the handling of the complication.


Costs of Dental implants often becomes higher due to the expertise and labor involved in the process. Advanced dentist expertise and awareness would obviously cost you more.

 Dental Implants– cost-effective in the long run

Dental Implants Cost It might be interesting to note that cost of dental implant is often considered to be higher than alternative procedures of tooth replacement. But in actuality, dental implants are more economical than other tooth replacement practices. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that other procedures of tooth replacement, although they project an upfront smaller cost, may at the end need varied treatments like repairs and replacements, not to mention extra efforts to maintain the facial structure integrity and prevent further tooth loss. Different stages of surgery, time involved, restoration procedure and expertise can add up to elevated costs.

 Dental Implant – count the benefits

If you count the benefits of a dental implant, cost of Dental Implant looks justified –

  • Indistinguishable from normal teeth and feels natural
  • Very carefully fabricated for toughness and functional performance
  • Non-removable and hence does not shift or wobble
  • Does not cause harm to the adjacent teeth or affect the comfort level of the surrounding gum

Cost of dental Implant or Implants are higher at the upfront because they focus on long-term results that last for a lifetime.


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