Dental implants – description of different types

Dental implants- the whole procedure takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the dentist. These can be defined as a replacement of the tooth roots when one suffers from decay, injury or gingivitis. The process involves using metal frames to be fitted beneath the gums so that the replicate teeth are mounted on them. Dental Implants Cost need not be forbidding. This is a relatively new option for patients who want to have the same comfort as they had with their real teeth and many techniques have been introduced in the recent part.This is an implant that is used with removable dentures. There are indents made in the gums on which these dentures are fitted. They are meant to provide a better hold. This procedure is much cheaper and depends on the magnitude of the situation. Also derive long term benefits out of Dental Implants Cost.

Dental implants according to the type

Dental Implants CostThere are different kinds of dental implants and we shall now discuss each one of them in detail and the cost involved. Dental Implants Cost can be arrived at customized for each case. There are broadly 3 types of implants and these are as follows:

Endosteal – It is one of the most common forms of implant. It is a procedure that involves implanting directly into the jawbone. A single tooth as well as multiple teeth can be fitted in this method. Patients who have used removable dentures often opt for the same in which a pin is inserted from one of the existing teeth so as to provide extra strength. Dental Implants Cost can reap relief for the long run. The price can be anywhere between $1500 and $2700 for each implant.

Subperiosteal – This is ideal for those patients who have lesser bone height. A metal frame is fitted on the jawbone underneath the gums. The frame gradually fits into the jawbone and the artificial teeth are then implanted on it. Dental Implants Cost would vary case by case. The average cost would be $1000 to $2500 per implant.

The costs mentioned in the above lines are not final as there are a lot of factors that influence the same. They are as follows:

Dental implants – Factors that matter

Dental Implants Cost Number of implants – The cost of the procedure is directly proportional to the number of implants.

Type – The screw used in the implants procedure is another deciding element. There are different kinds of screws that are priced accordingly.

Bone graft – Bone grafting is one of the most important processes during dental implants. This again is of different types which decide the cost.

Prosthesis – The crown that fits the top of the screw is made as per the shade of the teeth and hence, can vary in cost. This is one reason for astronomical Dental Implants Cost.

Dental implants– Is surgery required?

In some cases, a surgery is required before the implantation can actually be carried out. This increases the overall price of the procedure. Dental Implants Cost can pay off in dental health for the long run. Another thing to consider is that they are not covered under dental insurance. So, you will have to bear all the dental implants cost by yourself, should your doctor prescribe it.


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